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You will learn about SpoG – the flagship tool from GaziboTech for CRM developers.


Spreadsheets are great, because:
* You have all your data at the tips of your fingers.
* It is easy to make room for more data, either entered or calculated.
* Everything is arranges in three dimensions only: Rows, Columns, and Sheets.

Compared to common CRM platforms, with spreadsheets you will encounter difficulties, when:
* You need to manage more complex data structures.
* You want to automate repetitive actions that involve adding, updating or deleting rows in multiple sheets.
* You want to maintain data integrity – based on the relationships between your tables(sheets).
* You want to have calculated fields and dynamic dropdown lists – also based on those relationships.
* You want to specify those relationships efficiently by table names and column names, rather than specifying them by column letters and allocating the ranges required for those calculations by yourself.
* You want to have forms, reports, interfaces to external tools.
* You want all of the above to be defined in an efficient, unified way, across the spreadsheet/app.
* You want the definition to be codeless, minimal, easy to modify, and – again – at your fingertips, intuitively close to the data, rather than hidden in properties forms somewhere.
* You approach the cell count limit, and you need an automated way of packing and unpacking information in cells, to overcome the limitation.

is a unique GoogleSheets add-on that was developed to close the gap between sheet-based and a platform-based solutions.

It enables a rapid development of an entire CRM – or other ERP module – all inside Google Sheets.

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